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The most dangerous Barack Obama video ever!!!

The most dangerous Barack Obama video ever!!!, posted with vodpod

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Just how much more EVIDENCE do we need to get the monkey out of our country???

By Jack Bauer February 1, 2012 Here it is, folks! The document we have been waiting for! Now what, Supreme Court?Widely circulated; challenge to Obama’s birthplace and to US Citizenship. Seems this is bound to arise [again] in the “political diatribe” of the coming year! Whether we like it – believe it – or disbelieve […]

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Could A Contempt of Court in Georgia Lead to an Obama Impeachment?

Hard to believe that as American Citizens, we would see the day that our Commander-in-Chief would deliberately disregard the law. One has to wonder if there are reasons beyond a simple disregard for the law. More to the point, could there be reasons to not appear in a court case that is essentially, mute – […]

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Georgia Hearing: Judge Wanted To Immediately Enter Default Judgment Against O Bam Bam

                                                Update: Obama’s Georgia Ballot Hearing: Judge Wanted To  Immediately Enter Default Judgment Against Obama Dean Haskins on the Scene at Hearing As we are trying to get a quick lunch, and then do some interviews, this is just a very brief synopsis of what happened today. Before the hearing started, the judge called the […]

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