For all those ready to stand in peace and complete honor…


Attention all makers and enforcers of Man-made Law.

A great fraud has been revealed, detailed herein, for which we are all stakeholders. It is a key foundational basis for which rests upon supreme ignorance and helplessness, hindering the human spirit to realize and achieve its gifted purpose.

While I achieve honor in this knowledge and there remain awakened, it is my responsibility in love, honor, grace and truth, to inform all relevant parties where this fraud be perpetrated and trespassed unnecessarily on our honor.  Take heed, the Denique Ultimatum Revereor Verum below, and decide for yourselves how you are presented in this understanding and may you be honorable, if you have free will and choice to be so.

My notice serves in solidarity to those who represent truth and integrity, in return I ask that you present this information to all Employees/Officers/BAR agents/Crown agents and Officials/Public Servants etc. et al, so that our engagements are peaceful and dutiful to Universal/Natural Law first and foremost.  We are all equal, I keep none as my subject, nor do I permit contract where none have been trespassed on.

I extend my hand in friendship, for you are among our global community, a Nation of Humankind on earth, where my purpose is to teach truth, love, grace and honor to all who recognize that power over fear, hatred and deceit.

I hereby rescind the parent contract, the Birth Certificate-original receipt, and return it to the Crown, the originating realm, so I may be released from fraud created in this contract and any presumption that it makes my living soul subject and jurisdiction unto others.

May you be at peace.

In humble service to humanity.

Now take heed…

* All words/whirreds(null) that follow/fall low(null) shall be of common/calm man use only and where “spellings”/ “sounds”/ “mal-intents” are null and void ab initio, ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc;

Notice of Fraud


Intent to Commit Fraud

Via Any and All Means, Third Party Interloping

Etc et al


Omission and/or Commission

To THE ACTING Attorney General in care of 20 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0NF; CITY OF LONDON, STATE and to whomever/whatever it may concern, be they living flesh and blood and/or ACTING in the PERSONA of a CROWN REGISTERED/OWNED NAME;

Be now advised, in the light of day and in the light of truth that you are being duly noted by your actions and intentions either through sheer ignorance of the Universal laws or by a willful act to be in dishonor with the aforementioned Universal and Natural laws all living beings shall stand under.

Whereas ALL creation matters, free will consent and agreements therein are paramount upon all where the trespass upon such is a high crime and;

Whereas all things “legal” are, in fact, not lawful and are purely of a juris-fictional realm created by those who would control the free will consent via ignorance, ignorance of the true laws is not a defense from those laws wherein truth is paramount and mandatory and;

Whereas an agreement created with intent of one and/or more parties to commit fraud and/or other crimes, also be it known that by virtue of your own ROMAN MAXIMS that a “fraud revealed” is null and void nunc pro tunc and;

Whereas any intent/attempt to commit fraud knowingly and/or willingly and/or by your own ignorance via commission/omission of that knowledge and/or ignorance, you are, in fact guilty of the crimes with that intent or ignorance and;

Whereas any and all intents/attempts to engage in such actions as to deceive knowingly or unknowingly, it is the duty of that individual or party to mend their criminal activities having this knowledge brought into the light for all to see and the trespass upon the free will consent of all others shall end and;

Whereas you are now given the truth of all matters via this no tice as follows, it is now and furthermore incumbent upon you to be in accordance with Natural/Universal and Creator laws with your knowledge and ignorance’s and;

Whereas your ROMAN MAXIM of “those who create the laws, shall obey the laws” and with your own oaths, allegiances, vows, promises etc et al you have freely consented by surrendering your own free will choice to another master, you are obligated, by that free will choice to be in accordance with those that you have chosen to rule over you until such a time where all previous oaths, vows, allegiances, promises etc et al are nullified by your own choice and you may do so freely since you also were deceived where fraudulent intent and ignorance is concerned or continue now in the knowledge of the frauds you commit in commission where omission has been vanquished and;

Whereas any and all assumptions and presumptions of the legal juris-fiction are all based in fraudulent intent and/or ignorance of these assumptions and presumptions where free will consent and all man made and universal compacts and agreements are concerned and are hereby nulled and voided ab inito, ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc, you and those who are your masters are guilty, by commission and/or omission of universal fraud.

By your actions of attempting to re-create this fraud via deceptios attempts of joinder of the living flesh and soul, to an inanimate NAME that is not owned by myself and would be a criminal act to do so, be it duly noted that all attempts thus far have also been duly noted and will be forwarded as evidence of your criminal activities and intentions to your own authorities to which you owe your sworn allegiance where I have none but to myself and the source creator. Govern yourself accordingly

Attention: Any and all Criminals/Colonizers/Citizens/Fraudulent Beings/Aliens of the Foreign STATES of/in/for and by THE CITY OF LONDON, STATE/ VATICAN CITY, STATE/ DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, STATE and any and all juris-fictions you represent be advised in the light of day, here and NOW;

Whereas, through deceit and fraud NOW in the light of this day, any and all foreign citizens of these fictional realms being foreign to humanity and reality as a whole since yours is, in fact, an illusion and thus delusional reality in which only corporate fictions can ACT legally where living flesh cannot and;

Whereas UNUM SANCTUM of 1302 has been challenged and acquiesced, and hereby also is the fraudulent claim that the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE/HOLY SEE makes upon/to any and all fictitious deities/gods of their own creation by virtue of fraudulent, deceitful pretense and perpetrated through the same fraud and deceit upon all of humanity that has brought immeasurable pain and suffering, death and genocide, fear and hate upon the whole of humanity and by virtue of the laws of creation and Universal Law, are guilty of such and more than aforementioned crimes and;

Whereas only through the free willed consent and ignorance of the masses have you and any/all of your minions been able to stay in Universal Honor where you have thus far remained blameless but no longer with the frauds and deceptions you have thrust upon humanity now in the light of truth and honor absolute for ALL to see and:

Whereas, if but only one is awakened, the whole of humanity shall stand as one consciousness for the one is of the all and the all is of the one and many are now awakened and;

Whereas all things “legal” are, in fact, of a pure fictional nature and are abhorrent to natural and Universal Laws where all laws created from the hand of man are irrelevant in, of and to the Laws of the Universe and of no force or effect NOW and forever and;

Whereas ANY and ALL claims, proclamations, PAPAL BULLS, ACTS etc et al made from this fraudulent and deceitful position are henceforth and forever null and void ab initio, ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc and;

Whereas the hidden knowledge and thus, truth, belongs to ALL humanity and free willed beings and where the true histories of this world have been hidden, deleted, altered, destroyed etc. et al the truth shall take its rightful place in the hearts of all beings on, of and in this universe and;

Whereas ALL alleged “LIVING DOCUMENTS” a.k.a. PAPAL BULLS cease forever in their intent and power of existence where the blood of the innocents spilled to create them is again purified in this truth and;

Whereas all blood spilled from the original evil intent shall henceforth be pure again in the unveiling of this crime against all beings of this world and in the universe and;

Whereas ALL beings that have been deceived into slavery by means of trickery, fraud, force or anything of a less than honor full intent, be hereby freed of this intent by virtue of the frauds herein unveiled whereby no law/statute from the hand of man be of any force or effect any longer.

Therefore, be it now and forever known that any and all frauds placed upon humanity were of evil intent, of evil incarnate and are hereby in the light where only atonement of the guilty may bring them solace and ultimately forgiveness, such is the free will choice of all and;

Therefore, be it now and forever known that all are equal in that free will choice where by one’s actions and allegiances, one shall be known and;

Therefore ANY and ALL contracts/compacts, allegiances, agreements, man-made laws etc. et al that are/were/will be made with a malicious, malevolent, fraudulent, deceptive and/or fictional illusion intent outside of the laws of the universe and truth, are hereby rendered null and void ab initio, ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc and;

Therefore, ALL guilty parties of, for, in and by these aforementioned CORPORATE STATE/S and their affiliated CORPORATIONS etc be they living in illusion or are inanimate are, in fact,  FOREIGN and ALIEN INTERLOPERS upon humanity by, of, for and in their free will choice to do so. By their ACT-IONS and INTENT and their vowed/sworn allegiance knowingly or unknowingly by and of their own freewill choice and ignorance/agreements/oaths/vows/pledges etc. et al to said STATES and fictional realms that shall be known as the JURIS-FICTION, are fully re-spawns-able for their ACT-IONS and INTENT by omission or commission of crimes against the whole or any part of humanity. Only they who make the “laws” shall obey the “laws” as shown in your juris-fictional realms via oaths made.

Your deceptions and frauds are laid bare before the altar of the Universe where all shall be seen in their own lightness or darkness, by and of their own free will choice which is the re-spawns-ability of the self and no other. Your measure of worth is that which you have taken in lieu of truth, peace, love and honor absolute upon which, no price can be levied or even postulated. Justice be served though the heavens may fall, so mote it be ab initio, ad infinitum. You stand NOW in ABSOLUTE DISHONOR.

By Omission or Commission, You are Guilty;

Whereas, if you use a REGISTERED NAME, you are a FOREIGN COLONIZER/INVADER and guilty of crimes by Omission or Commission for, of and by THE CITY OF LONDON, STATE which by virtue of OWNERSHIP by THE HOLY SEE/ VATICAN CITY.STATE/ THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, STATE and are guilty as follows;

1.  By swearing, attesting, agreeing, affirming, recognizing, aligning or allying with, via oath or ignorant acquiescence to any and/or all aforementioned CORPORATIONS/INSTITUTIONS you are hereby guilty by association with all associated criminal activities including but not limited to GENOCIDE, WARS OF AGGRESSION, MURDER, SLAVERY, FRAUD, THEFT AND ALL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY etc. et al and;

2. With any and all use of a NAME that is in BOND FORM and REGISTERED with the CROWN you are, in fact committing FRAUD since BIRTH via the BIRTH CERTIFICATE and are in fact, a slave to the aforementioned entities and;

3. Any use of GOVERNMENT IDENTIFICATION is, in fact, fraud since a BIRTH CERTIFICATE cannot be used for identification purposes as stated clearly on the original or copied document. ALL GOVERNMENT IDENTIFICATION is created from the BOND INSTRUMENT COPY. You do not have, nor will you ever see the ORIGINAL because it was sold and the copy ACTS merely as the proof of sale and is, in fact, a receipt only for the sale of the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of the NAME that belongs to the CROWN CORPORATION and;

4. Any attempt to ask, force, coerce, threaten etc. et al anyone who knows this truth is, in fact, aiding and abetting a fraudulent action and is guilty of a crime upon that act and furthermore by IDENTIFYING themselves with this fictional CROWN CORPORATION OWNED NAME via GOVERNMENT IDENTIFICATION of any kind, they are ACTING in fraud ab initio and;

5. Unum Sanctum Papal Bull of 1302 fraudulently claimed all TITLE and PROPERTY on, over and under the Earth with the fraud being only in the fictional realms of “legal” where real laws are known and never written by the hand of man. THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE has claimed only TITLE and PROPERTY which includes but is not limited to anything and all things in the illusion of fictional CORPORATE realms or Juris-Fiction which is inferior to the living beings true Jurisdiction. A puppet cannot speak without a willing puppeteer attached and is hereby exorcised and;

6.  ALL CONTRACTS created in the illusion of CORPORATE veils are, in fact, FRAUD absolute be they knowingly or unknowingly entered into with the pretense to defraud a living being by means of a CORPORATE TITLE/NAME or any and all such fashions of JOINDER, assumed or presumed by the offending party through a willful or ignorant ACT and;

7. All CITY OF LONDON(CROWN)/VATICAN CITY(HOLY SEE)/DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA  AGENTS/OFFICIALS/OFFICERS/BAR MEMBERS etc. et al are, in fact, ALIEN/FOREIGN/COLONIZERS with no rights upon the lands beyond their own fictional borders and as such have NO FOREIGN IMMUNITY as the invaders they are upon the rest of this world inasmuch as they have either SWORN/VOWED/OATHED/AFFIRMED/ATTESTED etc. et al their allegiance with one or all aforementioned CORPORATE FICTIONAL REALMS and;

8. By virtue of the original fraud and deceptive claims made by any and all affiliated entities past, present and future as their being “god/god’s representative/deity” on Earth are hereby exposed for this manifest fraud upon all of humanity whereby anyone believing in or accepting “their god” made them subject to their “god’s” laws and commandments as were written by them to accept the punishments as dictated by those that perpetrated this heinous concept of “religion” to enslave, foment genocide, create wars and thus murder countless innocents on this Earth in the NAME of their “god” and are hereby guilty of these crimes under Universal Law where ALL stand under and;

9. Once a FRAUD is revealed, it is NULL and VOID, nunc pro tunc as per their own dictum’s and “LEGAL MAXIMS/ACTS/STATUTES/CONSTITUTIONS ” etc. et al and  that they must abide by their own ROMAN LAW MAXIM of “those who make the laws, obey the laws” lest they be in complete DISHONOR ab initio, ad infinitum.

By commission or omission of acting in a crime, you are party to that crime for its commission and are as guilty as if you committed the crime yourself if you do nothing to stop it. If you know of a crime and do not act upon the truth to bring the guilty to the light, you are aiding and abetting in any crimes you are aware of and do not take actions to thwart or bring to the light of truth. By virtue of this knowledge it is now incumbent upon you, the living man/woman to make a free will choice and choose your path henceforth. Upon you NOW lies the full weight of truth in all your actions towards your fellow mankind on every land upon this Earth. Where you have chosen, the unseen forces of this Universe have also chosen by virtue of the most precious of all laws being FREE WILL where NONE may TRESPASS. May you be wise and free in your choice where the Universe shall gift you accordingly for whichever path you choose.

Note: All past, present and future evidence will be given to your authorities to pass judgment whereas in my jurisdiction I judge not lest I be judged.

Let it henceforth and forever be known that all prior assumptions and/or presumptions of any and all allegiances, oaths, vows, compacts, pledges etc et al are hereby nulled and voided with regards to all things in the legal jurisfiction such as; CITIZENSHIP, EMPLOYEE, EMPLOYER, AGENT, REGISTERED NAME etc. et al. Any and all presumptions and/or assumptions of the use of any and all GOVERNMENT IDENTIFICATION, which is created in fraud via the BIRTH CERTIFICATE with any and all use since by and/or of this individual is also, in fact, an unknowingly fraudulent ACT. WHEREBY using the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of a/ the REGISTERED NAME that was duly sold upon REGISTRATION, was and is no longer nor ever was or will be this individual’s property or right to use, is, in fact an act of fraud. and shall end henceforth ab initio ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc.

Any and all attempts to force, coerce, deceive etc. et al, into my using or claiming anything with this REGISTERED NAME is, in fact, aiding and abetting an act of fraud.


WARNING: The information provided herein is very powerful. If you do not know what you are doing you can get in some serious trouble. This information is not legal advice, it is legal information. If you need legal advice I would recommend you seek legal council.

This information does not belong to one person. Feel free to steal, copy, share, like, EVEN RESELL THIS INFORMATION

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